About Us

“CareersForHer” is a platform created by a number of experienced female professionals, with the purpose of helping women start, restart and rise in their careers through reskilling, mentoring, and connecting to potential employers.

We believe in gender diversity and equal opportunities for women; whether you are an experienced professional looking to get back to work after a break, a fresh graduate, or a working woman looking to climb-up the corporate ladder, our professional team will be there to support you every step of the way.
Our experience is that women continuously face ongoing challenges and barriers to achievement, and despite the changing trends, many women still leave their jobs for the sake of their families: marriage, motherhood, increased responsibilities…etc. The reasons may vary, but career takes a backseat in each case. On the other hand, many women return back to work only to realize that their job duties have changed or that they can no longer progress within their role.

For that reason, we decided to dedicate our experience to serve our community, by supporting women in overcoming their challenges and achieving their full potential

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