Because you are worth it!

“Because You Are Worth It!” is a compelling slogan, and you have the ability to make this motto yours. Be like L’Oreal Paris and make this signature your own.

If you lack in self-confidence, please don’t.  You have much to be confident about… skills, qualifications, qualities. . . You have talent and experience. It was not by chance alone that you got to where you are. You made advances in your career, and you have a list of accomplishments that you can be proud of.

Perhaps you took a few years career break to take care of your family and your children. This does not detract from your achievements, in fact, it compliments them. Think about what you learnt during this time, and the skills you practised on a daily basis. Yes, as a parent, you provide good evidence of organizing, planning, dealing with uncertainty, negotiating, adapting, communication. . .its amazing how you can utilize these skills in the workplace!

Learn to know yourself and solicit feedback.

Please try this small exercise. Conduct a mini survey among your friends, acquaintances and professional network. Ask them 3 questions:

  • Which 3 words describe me the most?
  • Which 3 things am I good at?
  • Which 3 opportunities could I potentially pursue?

You may not like these questions, however maybe it’s time to look at them differently . . .

What do you gain from knowing yourself?

  • You acquire an enhanced sense of self-awareness; you realize that you have strengths and weaknesses, and recognize what they may be.
  • You recognize the value of your capabilities and behaviors, as well as become more accountable for your own development.
  • The ability to compare your self-perception with that of others. This is a critical element to enhance your influence on others (e.g. a recruiter, your manager, others in an organization).
  • The capacity to be honest in a strategic way. By knowing yourself, you can be the best possible version there is.

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