How to stay calm during an interview

The key to staying calm during an interview is to reduce your cognitive load by having a Pre-Presentation checklist. To maximize your interview impact, follow these steps:

2. Have “a hook” and easy to follow a structure in your speech using audience cues
2. Have “a hook” and easy to follow structure in your speech using audience cues
3. Research the employer in advance.
4. Have 3 key facts, strengths, and/or messages you want to deliver that are aligned with values of your potential employer
5. Be prepared to weave these interesting messages into your personal story as you progress through your interview
6. Choose your vocabulary wisely and be concise – every word counts and do not use limiting language through learning the art and science of persuasion and communication
7. Practice speaking with authority from your diaphragm while being mindful of your tone, elocution, and articulation
8. Prepare strong persuasive vocabulary that reflects you, your strengths, your talents, your aspirations and know these cold
9. Practice eye contact exercises to ensure you work through any uneasiness you feel when speaking with strangers – feel your physical reaction and reduce your sensitivity
10. Obtain guidance on how to become mindful of your physiology when nervous and then learn to control your nervousness through a series of anxiety-reducing exercises.

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