Use your life skills and resume your career


Here are some of the top skills that you improve as a mother:

  1. Have you learned to persuade, interview, listen better, write, facilitate group discussions or other essential communication skills? As a mother, you’re constantly mentoring, teaching and counseling your children. In addition to that, there are also the communication skills you hone through events and organizations you find yourself being part of when you’re a parent.
  2. People management.
    Managing a home and a pre-schooler or two at the same time can be harder than managing your colleagues. As a result, you’ve probably improved your negotiation skills, which are learned art, especially when toddlers and teachers are involved. If you’ve organized teams for school events, set up a social group, this is relevant. Write down those achievements and spell them out in a SMART way. That’s specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.
  3. Time management.
    Juggling a household and completing tasks to a deadline at home is a real skill. You need to know how to manage school pick-ups and drop-offs, after school activities and ensure dinner’s on the table before the children get grouchy.etc…
  4. Problem-solving. 
    Every industry needs problem solvers.  As a parent, you’ll come across problems you never knew existed. In fact, you’ll be hit with problems that need solving almost every day. You’ll learn when to step in to help children problem solve and how to provide them with the tools to do it themselves. That’s the fundamentals of being a manager.
  5. Organizational skills.
    Many a mum becomes a super organizer. She may project manage the family renovation or the big round-the-world trip, Maybe you’ve planned, budgeted, and executed a school reunion or fundraising/sports event. Whatever it is you’ve done, document what you did and match the key skills against job advertisements.


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